Jeremie is a CanFit Certified Personal Trainer, ECS level 1 certified online trainer, CPR C/HCP emergency first aid and has over 10 years of strength training experience.

My passion for fitness started in my early teens when every day was arm day. My training has since evolved, as has my knowledge in strength training, nutrition and bodybuilding. 

I have over 10 years of strength training experience, I am continuously learning new ways to build muscle and understand the value in not just proper form but the execution of exercises to give you the absolute most out of your training. 

I have competed in men’s physique competitions, learning and understanding how to put on quality size as well as dropping body fat to sculpt a lean muscular physique. 

I have coached bikini and fitness women to drastically change their body composition through training and diet. 

I’m extremely knowledgeable in “flexible dieting” some call me the macro magician. I help clients transform their bodies by counting macro nutrients to either put on muscle or lose weight! 


Stop me to say hi, or to ask me any questions regarding fitness or dieting, I’d be happy to help!