Certified Personal Trainer with Can-Fit Pro, certified in CPR, and NCP Level 1 coach for wrestling - Josh doesn't just teach it, he's lived it. 

Josh has competed in several physique completions at the regional and provincial level under the Canadian Physique Alliance. 

Exercise and fitness have always been a big part of Joshua’s life. Joshua is a former elite athlete and is a national champion in Olympic Freestyle Wrestling. He now coaches a youth national wrestling team and has a real passion for working with young high-performance athletes. Soccer is also a big part of Joshua’s athletic identity. He enjoys using circuits, plyometrics, HIIT intervals mixed with heavy weight lifting systems to train his clients and boot camp classes.

“Four years ago a close friend of mine introduced me to One Body Strength Club. At that time in my life I was not in a good place. I had just recently quit wrestling; the sport I loved and made me feel whole. I was working a dead end job I hated. I just knew I wasn’t anywhere close to where I wanted to be in life and felt like I was going to be trapped there forever. On a whim I joined the 6 week challenge and fell in love with the program. I was just always in the gym; doing doubles and the occasional triple. I started to became close with the trainers and owners. I was there so much and was so keen on helping people through physical fitness they told me to just get my cert. so I could help more people since I clearly had a passion for it. Fast forward and I now work for the people that helped me in a tough time.


If I could share one message with the world it would to not let your ambitions hinder your progression. Just because you start somewhere doesn’t mean you’ll be there forever. At any moment anything can happen; don’t allow yourself to have any regrets or feels of remorse for not following your heart do everything within your power to make yourself happy. Be your own inspiration. You’ll be surprised how infectious you being happy can affect others people.”

Health and nutrition are one of the major elements in Joshua’s training regimen. He understands the challenges of changing the way you eat and think about food and has worked with countless clients to help make that transition for themselves. He believes in order to see a significant difference, a lifestyle change needs to happen first. You can never out train a bad diet! Being a healthy individual is a way of life and the want to change has to come from within yourself.